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RNCM Session Orchestra Gold Medal Project

7pm, 15th of June, RNCM

She's Mine will perform a 20 minute original set arranged in collaboration with the RNCM Session Orchestra to compete against three other artists for a 5k cash prize and the 'Gold Medal' title.

She's Mine_6.JPG

Just Out

When the Lights Go Out

With firm feet planted in both EDM and Alt Pop the third single from She’s Mine “When the Lights Go Out” details her experience of the right person at the wrong time.


Like Mimi Web turned INZO, this song tells the story of yearning for someone who has moved on, opening into an explosive instrumental hook.


Aptly described as ‘Bedroom EDM’ the lyrics “When the lights go out all I want is you, I want us dancing dirty in a crowded room” paint a picture for the listener of lying in bed overthinking everything that could have been, and to memories of a night out with someone they once loved, longing for a romance that is now gone.

The song that placed She's Mine as the Mayor of Manchester's December Artist of the Month, featured on BBC 6Music's Freakzone playlist and on BBC Introducing....

album cover.HEIC


This anthemic second single from Edinburgh artist She’s Mine says f*ck you to social exclusion.


A sonic fusion of FKA Twigs, Billie Eilish and Grimes this song has a feeling of moving forward, finally accepting the parts of yourself that make you feel alien.


Deeply electronic and brooding, the song evokes images of sitting on a gloomy moving train, travelling back home after a long trip away from familiarity. Reverb drenched and emotionally rich, the song opens out into an infectious EDM hook.

About She's Mine

A sonic marriage of inspirations such as FKA Twigs, Billie Eilish, Lorde and Grimes, She’s Mine is a display of gothic-grandeur and porcelain-tenderness in Alt-Pop form.


Pansexual and suspected AuADHD, American-born, Scottish-raised and Manchester based artist She's Mine explores dark lyrical themes of love, loss and her experience of feeling outcast, but with sparks of light. 


After moving from San Francisco, California to Edinburgh, Scotland at age six, She’s Mine began playing the violin. 


At age ten her family moved from Edinburgh to Oxfordshire. She’s Mine found the culture difference between Scotland and England challenging. Where the children in her diverse city school in Edinburgh embraced her Americanisms, this new life in the English countryside highlighted her differences.


In her first year of High-School, she discovered that she liked to sing when she spontaneously walked into an audition for a School Concert and landed the role. Joining the school Choir and Orchestra on weekends, She’s Mine found herself as the Lead Singer of her school Jazz Band, playing local festivals and concerts. She was frequently bullied by the boys in her classes and asked out by those she liked as a joke, the effects of which manifested in an avoidance of vulnerability. All major themes that fuel her music now.

At fifteen her family moved back to Edinburgh and she auditioned for the City of Edinburgh Music School. It took her three attempts before she was accepted. Finding herself favoring singing pop and jazz over playing classical violin, she instead began using her violin to help her come up with melodies to write her own music which helped her process her struggles. It was then that she invented her alias 'She's Mine' as a statement about the objectification of women. 


In 2019, she was unconditionally accepted to the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.

Struggling socially post-covid and having experienced Sexual Coercion, She’s Mine found herself in a state of crisis. It was these feelings of being outcast that birthed her second single 'Freak!’ which won her the Mayor of Manchester's Artist of the Month in December of 2023 and a play on BBC Radio 6Music.


During her time at the RNCM she took part in Wayne Ellington’s Gospel Choir as well as multiple renditions of the RNCM Session Orchestra. She has worked as part of a Choir for Cian Ducrot which was featured on his debut album ‘Victory’, and appeared in multiple of his viral Tik Toks. She has recorded demo vocals for Rick Boardman and The Six who write for artists such as Mimi Webb and performed as a backing vocalist at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the Music for Youth Proms. 


She’s Mine is graduating the RNCM this summer, punctuated by the release of single ‘Closed Doors’ on the 3rd of July. Then, she will drop one song every month for eight months from her self-coined “Goth&B”, album ‘X’ co-written with classmate planet w.e.s.m.o and friends. The whole album releases in April of 2025.



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